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Block Printing

Our Fabric

Traditional methods of fabric production have existed in India since the 12th century. Only in the last 30 years, with the shift of garment production to the factory, has the industry seen drastic changes. 

At first factory-made fabrics were more expensive than hand-made ones – a fashion that only the rich could enjoy. Eventually though, they became cheaper and more competitive in the marketplace than their hand-made counterparts.   This has had major ramifications for block printers and weavers though out India.  Finding themselves out of a job, many have had to turn to other more menial forms of work to support their families and the artisan skills that have been passed on for generations are becoming lost.

Withstanding the stiff market competition, there are still several small and active groups of traditional fabric producers throughout India.  It is the goal of Mata Traders to help sustain these communities by using hand-woven, block-printed fabrics in our clothing line.  In this age of globalization and fast-paced technology, we are proud that our fabrics contain a history and preserve an art.  We believe you will feel and see the difference.



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