Meet Anita

November 7th, 2013 by Ruth

It’s always a pleasure to reconnect with a familiar face, and when the Mata team recently visited the cooperative we work with in Mumbai, we were pleased to catch up with Anita.


Anita is 25 years old and married with a six year old son. Before working at the co-op, she and her husband worked in agriculture, farming for their landlord. It was intensely hard work and yet they still were not able to make enough money to live on, so they made the decision to move to Mumbai and look for different jobs.

Now, things are much better for Anita and her family; they are earning more money and have a better quality of life. Her husband works as a driver in the city, and Anita has been working in the cutting room at the cooperative for a year and a half, responsible for folding the fabric for the master to cut. Anita wants to support her son’s studies and invests a lot of her money in his education.

We were lucky to meet Anita’s family when they were visiting the co-op.  That’s Anita in the black scarf, behind her to the right is her aunt, Sidhama, a founding member of the co-op 28 years ago, and on the very left is Anita’s mom who recently returned from Kuwait where she was working in a mall.

anitas family

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