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My Fair Wedding

Pig roast and potluck?  BYOB?  Patsy Cline cover band?  These were some of my husband’s early suggestions for our wedding plans.  A picnic affair he called it – I settled on ‘casual elegance.’  We went with open bar, affordable yet outstanding catering, Gatsby inspired attire, and yes, a Patsy Cline cover band.  Guests couldn’t have been happier and we did it all with fair trade flair!

cousin Craig in Gatsby garb

Weepin' Willows with lead singer Natalie wearing Mata

This sentence is filler to try to fix the spacing issue. Wedding season is again upon us, as is my first year anniversary – and PAPER is the traditional first year gift.  If you’re looking for the traditional diamond engagement ring, try a conflict-free option.  Or else a family hand-me-down, like the one my husband gave me – from his Mom – when we got engaged.  I think hand-me-down diamonds are gaining popularity cause, hey, they’re affordable and meaningful. ps. For a little laugh, check out this engagement video.

My bridesmaids and groomswoman ALL WORE MATA.  I used Mata’s Santa Clara dress as the inspiration, and the best part is that the girls still wear the dress!  If you want your flower girls to look cute in fair trade, check out what Global Mamas has on offer.

You can also go the non-traditional route and GET MARRIED in Mata, like a friend of ours who’s planning to walk down the aisle this Fall in our Some Like it Hot dress.  If a white wedding is a must – check out this socially-conscious bridal gown guide.  Also, check out Solitary PearlOlivia Luca, and Tara Lynn.

Some Like it Hot dress (available this fall)

Planning my wedding was an exercise in ‘think global, shop local.’  We reserved a public forest preserve picnic pavilion for the event and decorated it with baskets, picnic blankets, and table coverings from thrift stores nearby.  We used a local florist, and for bridesmaid gifts, I bought silver and 18 karate gold necklaces from local Chicago jewelry designer Dana Reed.  For shoes, I went with Mohop – hand made in Chicago by Annie Mohaupt, Mohop collaborates with a fair trade co-op named Jhoole to make her colorful sari ties (Jhoole made our denim frill bags).

Our Mata jewelry sets would also make fabulous bridesmaid gifts.  And if you order now you’ll get 20% off unforgettable sets like the Crescent Moon, Parade, or Peacock sets (offer expires June 15, use code ‘Sets!’ at checkout).

You can download the Fair Trade Federation’s Fair Trade Wedding Guide for more suggestions.  It’s easier than you’d think to fair trade a wedding, and love doing it!

“Married life requires shared mystery, even when all the facts are known” – Richard Ford

Credit to photographer Sarah Hadley


A very Mata wedding shower

Yesterday was Michelle’s wedding shower, and as you can see, Mata Traders was very well represented!  Here we are all decked out in our Mata fashions.  One of the co-ops we work with is making the bridesmaids’ dresses, which will be a similar design to the Gold Coast dress – seen below on Michelle and Andrea (Michelle’s sister and maid of honor).

L to R: Nora in the A-line dress, Macrame necklace and Snail earrings; Maureen in the Windy City Romper dress and New fan earrings; Andrea in the Gold Coast dress denim; Michelle in the Gold Coast dress purple; Jonit in the Skylark skirt blue and Clef earrings silver; Kristin in the Windy City Romper dress teal and Bouquet necklace; and Taylor in the Edgewater dress blue


Fair Trade your Wedding

Congratulations to our brides-to-be!  A wedding is a joyous event, lovingly shared with family and friends.  Why not spread that love even further and make this an occasion to support the important work of women’s cooperatives in ending poverty.

Mata Traders has beautiful hand-crafted dresses that your bridesmaids will love.  They will look great and you will feel great knowing your special day made a positive impact in the world.

These photos are from Stephanie Scott’s wedding day.  Thanks to photographer Tony Hoffer for the images.  Check out Mata’s wedding page for a few more pictures from the big day and ideas for making your wedding fair trade.

The Princess Dress ~ our favorite for this year's wedding season

Don’t forget, Mata jewelry makes the perfect bridesmaid gift!