Republic of Vermont Organic Maple Syrup
Republic of Vermont Organic Maple Syrup

Republic of Vermont Organic Maple Syrup

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Republic of Vermont’s organic maple syrup has a complex flavor and aroma that sets this syrup apart. The elevation of the Green Mountains’ maple trees combined with quality soil produce a rich syrup that is crafted each spring but is a delight to enjoy year-round. Republic of Vermont’s small batch maple syrup has been produced in a manner that is not harmful to the forest ecosystem and adheres to standards of food safety and traceability, making it certified organic. Each drop is boiled, filtered, and bottled by hand at Republic of Vermont’s New England farm.

About Republic of Vermont: Republic of Vermont is nestled in New England’s Green Mountains and run by a husband and wife duo who dreamed of honoring agricultural traditions and living close to the land they love. Republic of Vermont’s sugaring operation prioritizes forest management and sustainability, and their apiaries rely on queen breeding instead of treating bees with chemicals, miticides or antibiotics. Keeping things as natural as possible results in some of the most unique tasting maple syrup and raw honey available.

  • 16 oz Glass Bottle
  • Certified Organic
  • Unpasteurized - do not feed to infants under 1 year
  • Boiled with Sustainable Wood Fuel
  • Produced in Vermont, USA

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