Republic of Vermont Raw Honey
Republic of Vermont Raw Honey
Republic of Vermont Raw Honey

Republic of Vermont Raw Honey

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Republic of Vermont’s raw honey gets its unique flavor from the bee yards and surrounding flowers of the Champlain Valley of Vermont. Never heated, to preserve flavor and natural enzymes, this raw honey is created without the use of any antibiotics, miticides or chemicals, in turn creating a more sustainable apiary and a better, more delicious final product.

About Republic of Vermont: Republic of Vermont is nestled in New England’s Green Mountains and run by a husband and wife duo who dreamed of honoring agricultural traditions and living close to the land they love. Republic of Vermont’s sugaring operation prioritizes forest management and sustainability, and their apiaries rely on queen breeding instead of treating bees with chemicals, miticides or antibiotics. Keeping things as natural as possible results in some of the most unique tasting maple syrup and raw honey available.

  • Net weight 1lb
  • Raw treatment free
  • Unpasteurized - do not feed to infants under 1 year
  • Thickening is natural and honey can be enjoyed crystalized, or placed in warm water to return to liquid
  • Produced in Vermont, USA

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